March 6, 2009


Bish, Rains and Marsh in town... just waiting for Lewis to arrive.


Josh Frank said...

wow. jealous! have a great weekend. think of me while i spend 50 hours with a bunch of high school kids on a diocesan retreat.

yeah, the weekend of the time change no less. what, even less sleep than is usually had during a youth retreat? greaaaaaaaat.

Eliacin said...

Jusd don't believe anything Lewis say about me. It is not true, unless it makes me sounds awesome, then he is spot on.

Blessings and have a great time.

billbean said...

I have a man crush on the blonde haired feller.

+ Alan said...

Lookin' at that picture makes me a leeetle bit sad. Peace and Love to you boys.

Jason Evans said...

Bill and Alan,
You were missed and mentioned often!


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