March 20, 2009

zines, zines and more zines

With all due respect to those behind these projects (because I really do respect many of these folks), in a world where so many print publications are already struggling, why do we need this and this when there is already this and this (among others)? Just curious.


Josh Frank said...

I had the same thought. Then immediately felt guilty b/c I respect the people involved so much. But really? Um, yeah.

Now, if one of those projects is working really hard on focusing on the praxis side of things, I'd really be interested. I feel like I've thought, reflected, talked about, blogged about, etc., etc. for far too long.

Realizing there are no cookie-cutter solutions, I think it would be amazingly helpful and inspirational to have a collection of stories, interviews, etc. that get into the nitty gritty of HOW people are putting into practice these varied and similar conversations.

How did they start? With whom? With or without whose support? What were the mistakes? What were the moments of beauty?


Josh Frank said...

Oh, and NOT primarily in a print format. In case that wasn't clear.

Mark Van Steenwyk said...

We talked about amping up Jesus Manifesto and doing a print publication, but decided against it. I really don't believe we'd reach all that many more people and have decided that its greener and cheaper to try to make Jesus Manifesto better and have an increasing emphasis on praxis.

Andrew Culture said...

It's totally fine (in fact even celebrated) to be behind with zines, in fact half the reason I put out a zine is to have one thing in my life that ignores deadlines!
Andrew Culture

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Makeesha said...

Good question.

I am personally of the "many small entities" school of thought with lots of things as opposed to "one massive entity" school of thought. I think it probably has more to do with that perspective than anything.

Your question could also be shifted to churches - why do we need a bunch of small churches in a town when we have one mega church?

I can only speak for GENERATE but we felt we had something to offer as a separate project that we couldn't accomplish if we merged efforts with (e.g.) Conspire!

Also, GENERATE plans to focus heavily on visual arts and "praxis" which we feel is unique...but hey, we could be wrong. I guess time will tell.

I happen to be a "magazine person". The more magazines the better. I personally enjoy having 3 different knitting magazines each with their own flavor. It enriches my experience.

I don't expect everyone to feel that way.

Jason Evans said...

First, thanks for your openness to critique and questioning. I really admire that.

You got me with the mega-church connection, Mak. I would agree with the smaller, lots of variety piece. And I do appreciate your emphasis on praxis too. I look forward to seeing what you folks pull together.

I have to admit, though, I'm not sure I understand the difference still between Conspire and Geez. Maybe a conspirator will chime in.

Josh Frank said...

Yes, and Makeesha, many, many blessings to the crew as you launch! I definitely dig the smaller, lots of varieties piece of the puzzle. My initial reaction, I think, is simply to having a print magazine at this time in this culture.

And I hope you all do find some great ways to be very "praxis" oriented. If you do, you have a potential reader waiting in the wings.

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