April 6, 2009

far on refused

Jonah Matranga (of Far) on the band Refused:

"On the Water and Solutions touring cycle that we were doing, all I would do would be to drag kids into our van, and play them the first five songs off of The Shape Of Punk To Come at full blast and go "no one else ever needs to make a hardcore record." "It's done. It's over. This is as good as it's getting." Of course, hardcore went on for way too many years after that... it's still puttering along. I still hold The Shape of Punk to Come as being the last needed hardcore album. It's just insane. That's my real answer..."

It's true. It is an amazing album that, years later, no one has yet to come close to topping it in hardcore and punk. It's one of those albums that even when people aren't into punk and hardcore, you show it to them and they go, "Wow! That's amazing." The first song I heard off the album was track 6, New Noise. It's still the track I usually play first for people. It defies categories.

Now that I think about it, I think both The Shape Of Punk To Come and Water and Solutions would be on my top ten album list.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

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daniel so said...

J - Yes! I stumbled onto this album years after the fact, but it still sounds completely fresh today. This album really lives up to its name.

I love that Jonah gives so much credit to these guys. Makes me miss the good old days of collaborative punk rock :) (speaking of which, we gotta get cracking...)

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