April 9, 2009

kids stuff

Since the whole family has been home sick this week, we've ended up watching a lot of movies in bed. The kids got to pick out a lot of them. We've really enjoyed several of Hayao Miyazaki's movies-My Neighbor Totoro is amazing! But a series that we all really dig is Pancake Mountain. It's like a dance show meets the Muppets. It's got great humor and good guest bands. Our kids don't get why other kids don't know about this. When they have friends spend the night, they'll often want to watch something in the morning and ours kids will enthusiastically offer up Pancake Mountain. Most other kids just stare at the screen with an odd look on their face. For some reason, our kids love it and so do we. Heck, their theme song is performed by Anti-Flag! Come on! Citizen Video now carries all of them. You should check it out.

To give you a taste, here's The Evens performing "Vowel Movement" on Pancake Mountain:

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