April 1, 2009


Ever since I got my 'Elpida' tattoo and touch up on the 'Zion' on my wrist by the good man, Jeremiah Griswold at Mother's Tattoo during our road trip, I've been itching for more (... road trips and tattoos). After scrimping and saving for a few years now, I've finally saved up some cash to go get some ink by Rob Benavides over at Flying Panther Tattoo. Rob and I sat down last week to plan out my upper right arm. We're working with themes from Isaiah 61. I already have a heart sown together (v.1). Rob will be adding a crown (v.3), a broken lock (v.1) and an oil flask (v.3). That's what we're starting with. My Zion and Elpida tree tattoos fit in nicely with images from this passage as well (v.3). All of these have double meanings for me beyond the Isaiah passage, which is cool too. I'm hoping to talk about more work by Rob in the future. We have a print by Rob in our house (on the right). I've really dug his work for a long time and am super excited.

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