June 10, 2009

couldn't get much better: clarifying comments

Last week I posted a bit of an all-around update on my life. In that post, I mentioned that our community life couldn't much better. My housemate Brooke (not my wife, the other Brooke... yes, there's two of 'em... and two Matt's) took issue with this. Her husband, Matt, and she are living abroad this summer. She couldn't believe that our community life could be so great while she is gone. It is true. We miss them. They didn't know this, because I hate saying goodbye and try to keep goodbye's as short as possible, but I got kind of choked up after I hugged them and said "Bye" (which is saying a lot 'cause I don't cry very easily). This summer, we have a few extra housemates, Lars, Bethany and Mike are extended Hawthorn House family and are staying here for a couple months. Looking at the broader picture in the above stated post, I was very appreciative of all the people that I consider my community. I was not thinking in the short term but thinking about the long term and was very grateful for what I am blessed with. In fact, I probably had images in my head of sipping wine, looking at beautiful photography from Latin America and listening to stories on a warm Fall afternoon at the picnic table with Matt, Brooke, Brooke and others while my kids dance around the back yard... but Brooke didn't get that impression... So, really this post is simply written to say this:

I hope you blushed, Brooke. And we ALL miss you terribly, can't wait for your return and hope you have a beautiful time!

Franklin says, "Hi. My crap is bigger than ever! What are these children feeding me!?"

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brooke said...

This is and always will be my favorite blog post ever!!! Probably all of the other people who read your blog now think you are crazy and didn't get it at all, but it meant a lot to me and made me laugh out loud multiple times. And then I read it out loud to Matt, and we both laughed out loud together! I also picture sipping wine on a warm afternoon in the fall in the backyard. Missing you guys too. Traveling is fun, but it is even nicer to know that we have a home to go back to (in the sense of a group of people, not a physical structure or place).

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