June 21, 2009

snake babies communique

Hey Friends,
Just got a call from the singer of Snake Babies, the infamous author, speaker and vocalist Matt Casper. While Andy (bass) and I (drums) drove the van back from our world tour, Casper decided to fly back to San Diego (singers can do that kind of thing). But, alas, he's now held up in the Denver airport, having been held by security for some curious items in his luggage that our attorney says cannot be discussed at this time. Therefore, Casper won't make it home in time for our show this evening. We sincerely apologize to all of those holding tickets purchased for tonight's show through TicketMaster... especially since tonight's show was free.

So, we'd still love for you to come hang out with Eclipse 79 and Adams & Eves but unfortunately, these serpentine infants will NOT be playing (wah, wah, wah, waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh).

BUT, I will be there to enjoy the other fabulous bands and to throw back a few, so join us! AND Snake Babies WILL be playing on July 2 at Ken Club (see flyer) which is not to be missed... by you or the members of Snake Babies.



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joel said...

why don't you sing?!

(insert story here)

i'm still very sorry about that day and yet, i'm still quite prone to putting my foot in my mouth around musicians.

case in point: this past week i was the bartender at Ryan and Brittian's Homespun Concert Series (why no Snake Babies i say). So yes, i did indeed partake of the suds and other various items worth being imbibed, when someone said to Dustin (who had just played) i love that song 'one and one' (i think that's the name). Where i proceeded to say, with extreme confidence in uttering a most profound complement, 'it sounds better on line.' haha, oh shit. that was not at all what i meant to say, but how do you get that one back...that's right, you never do.

i meant to say it ALSO sounds great online, but again, i'm not so good with the words, and so jason, again, i'm sorry i said what i said about what was that band's name, sledgehammer?

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