June 3, 2009


On job hunting:
No word on the job(s) yet. Hopefully later today (Wed)

On being online:
I haven't made up my mind completely but I did decide to cut out some of my "mental pollution" by unsubscribing from some email lists, cutting back on how many sites I follow in Google Reader (wanted to get back to that excitement I used to feel about seeing new posts on Wooster Collective or catholicanarchy.org for example), unfollowing some people on Twitter (sorry if it was you) and generally avoiding direct interaction w/ Facebook (sorry, Rick). FB and Tumblr are on autopilot now.

On family:
Couldn't get much better.

On community:
Couldn't get much better.

On music:
We rock live on the 21st.

On home repairs:
The house that seemed to always be under repair... I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I still have two bathroom remodels and a kitchen remodel to do but that's nothing... if you only knew. This damn thing will be done by year end I am hoping.

On misc.:
Making art and journaling is good for the soul. Hope I don't lose that with a new job.

Gotta be up at 5a. Need some sleepy time now.

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