August 24, 2009

health care reform

Isn't the irrational behavior around the issue of health care reform amazing!? I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. Maybe disturbed is a better description. Of those that I hear most irritated about the potential health care reform are those whom I know receive either Medicare or Medicaid, or are preparing to. Does this make sense?

I come from a pretty privileged background compared to many. Yet, I am well aware of the burden of health care currently. It was one of the reasons that I didn't see my dad much growing up. Supposedly, he couldn't ever change jobs because we would lose our insurance and my mom had conditions hard to insure. I currently am having a hard time finding work but one of the reasons why we have not strongly considered moving is because my wife is pregnant and we can't risk losing our insurance or afford COBRA. Our co-pay is high enough to make me hesitant to go into the doctor for minor things... and this is all coming from a white, middle class guy... I can't imagine the position of so many others without the safety net someone like me has.

When I hear the panic and fear and absurd statements made by those opposed to health care reform there tends to be a lot of "me and mine" in their language. This is a difficult position to be in as a Christian. As followers of Jesus, we're called to care for the least of these. Unless you and your church are opening up free health clinics around town, I find it difficult to find reason for not supporting health care reform that will ensure that more people receive the health care they need.

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