August 27, 2009

where my riches lie...

I've lived in Southern California all of my life. In comparison to many parts of the U.S., it's an expensive place to live. I've often wondered why people that are down–and–out stay here. I mean, if you're homeless it's better than places it snows I guess. But for those that have hit hard times and are hard pressed by the high cost of living in a place like San Diego, why would you stay here!?

For us, we've felt called to this city for a long time. My wife and I could sit down and tell stories for a good hour of how we felt God led us to this place by pretty amazing scenarios. So, for us, outside of being natives, we do feel as though we were meant to be in this place. But the last 8 months or so have been rough. That's how long I've been job searching to no avail.

When a few people asked if I would be open to interviewing for jobs in other places, I felt as though the only responsible thing was to say, "Yes." Last night, as I got off the phone from an interview for an out-of-state job a sadness I have not yet felt so acutely came over me. I realized why some folks don't leave a place even when the stakes are high. When economic wealth is far from your grasp, some of us begin to see the other ways in which we are wealthy. For me, that is my friends and family. It is the wealth of relationships that holds me so close to this place.

The idea of leaving crushed me last night.

Who knows what the next few months hold for us. I honestly don't think we'll end up leaving San Diego. The cost of moving a family across the country is pretty high for most organizations right now. And there is a part of me that, while terribly anxious about employment, is glad. This "place" has come to mean the faces of so many people that make my life worth living. I think the rest of the Evans family would say the same. I hope those "faces" know who they are. They are where my riches lie.


brooke said...

This post made my eyes water. Maybe I would have cried if I wasn't sitting in my office at school. Now I must get back to work. We love you.

Rob Yackley said...

The concept of place is often so much bigger than we can imagine. I hope the only reason you'll ever need to leave this place is because God has clearly called you on.

Unknown said...

This is beautiful, Jason. I agree with Brooke G.

dave said...

Thank you for sharing this.
We are confronted with similar questions. Thanks also for "degree or not degree". This is our biggest challenge right now. We do not see a future in the so called church, we can not go back there, but we also have no "proper" job :-) to make a more or less good living in combination with variety, excitement and church planting. So...we will see, hopefully soon...praying...waiting...having ideas...throw them over quiet, patient...get angry, too know the challenge as a father and husband very well.

Greetings to you and your lovely wife from the Swiss guys in HK

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