September 27, 2009

a new job...

I guess that I'm now two weeks in to it, it's safe to say that I have a new job. I am the interim production manager for an audio publishing company based in San Diego, christianaudio. Not sure yet if this is a long term job or not. The people are great. It's a fun work environment. My friend Cory started the company 6 years ago and they are growing well–I met Cory 16 years ago when we both played music in local bands... his being much more successful than mine.

The cynic in me wants to scoff at some of their titles but they've got some gems as well. Now that I have a 35 minute commute each morning and evening, I've listened to some good books actually. If you're into audio books, I'd encourage you to download the Wendell Berry novels. The narration is art... and it doesn't hurt to reading from one of America's greatest writers.

Thanks to all of those that were praying, searching and hoping with me over the last nine months!

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