October 28, 2009

deep church

Since Deep Church is getting a lot of attention, I thought I'd throw in my two cents... But I'm going to keep it brief.

Jim Belcher does a fine job of bringing to light the shortcomings and strengths of both traditional and emerging models of Christianity in his book, Deep Church. Although, his attempts at posturing a balanced, unbiased approach are lost when it becomes clear that all of his solutions to the weaknesses just happen to be found within the life of his own church. Some will say that the emerging church proponents lose in this book. I'd argue that the real losers are Anabaptists, who get several cheap shots taken throughout the book. That said, this is certainly the most fair critique of both sides, simultaneously, in print right now. If you're hoping for an overview of the emerging church conversation and the concerns of their opponents within the Church, this is the book.

For a more thorough review–and one which I tend to agree with–go check out Chris Smith's at Englewood Review of Books.

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