November 30, 2009


Our little Sam came home from the hospital on Monday, Nov. 23. He had to go back to the doctor on Tuesday for one last shot and examination. And he is doing great.

While Brooke was still in the hospital, we had a night shift nurse looking after her that we both adored. She ran the typical questions that all nurses ask when they first visit their postpartum patient for the first time. "Is this your first?" Brooke responded, "No, Sam is our third." With unexpected???almost prophetic???confidence, she said, "Your life is now full." She didn't say it as if our life now verged on chaos. She said it as if she were saying that she knew our family was now complete.

That's how it felt at least. We both nodded, accepting her???what seemed to be???wise insight. It has felt this way. With Sam home, there's a peace that's come over the house.

Tomorrow, Paige and Matt go back to school, I go back to work. It will be nice to start getting into routines... and discovering how we will do that as a family of five.

I've been overwhelmed by the kindness of folks lately. The generosity of so many has truly made us feel loved not only by our friends and family, but by God as well. Thanks.

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