November 5, 2009

make something day


It's that time of year again! Make Something Day will soon be upon us. just featured my article on the subject. Here's a quote from my article, "Beat Your Apples Into... Applesauce":

"The idea of gift-giving doesn't seem to be central to Christmas any longer. Instead, it's all about buying stuff and getting stuff. But during a time when so many of us are biting our nails with anxiety over the economic recession, buying and getting adds even more stress than usual. This is problematic for the Christian. We are called to be hospitable, generous people. Yet, these ideals don't stem from economic security. They come from our story as God's people. In the book of Exodus we read the story of manna falling from heaven, providing the sustenance that everyone needed to survive in the wilderness. There was one problem: no preservatives. It didn't keep. You couldn't save it for tomorrow or the next day. God provided just enough for everyone, every day. In the New Testament, when Jesus teaches his friends to pray he draws upon this story when he tells them to ask God to give them their daily bread. The concept is that God provides enough for everyone. Not enough for some to hoard, or have more than others, but enough for all of us to have what we need... not necessarily what we want, but what we need. This concept runs all the way through Scripture."

Read the rest, offer your thoughts and help us spread the word by adding one of the MSD buttons???like the one on the right of my blog???to your site. And send in your ideas for the MSD blog too.

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