November 30, 2009

reptiles in my house?


My son, Matt, has wanted a reptile for a long time. Specifically, he wants a lizard... I wasn't allowed to have reptiles growing up because Satan was represented by a reptile... A friend has offered to let us adopt his lizard, Artax, FOR FREE. This is a photo of Artax. Looks harmless to me. And, I'm pretty sure that this reptile isn't a host of the Prince of Darkness! And that's a pretty rad name! Dude's horse from The Never Ending Story!? Hello? So, pretty good deal, huh?! But as I said, I've never owned a reptile. So, what do I need to know? Have you had good or bad experiences with pet reptiles? Did they foam at the mouth and scream, "My name is Legion!"? Do you know what kind of lizard Artax is?


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