November 14, 2009


I will be speaking to a group of Brethren in Christ leaders from across Southern California tonight. My friend, Mark Palmer who founded Landing Place before he passed away, was a part of the BiC family. I'm pondering how I might honor Mark tonight, encourage my Anabaptist sisters and brothers and hoping Brooke doesn't go into labor while I'm in Upland.

I dig the BiC folks because they are automatically an ecumenical group, weaving together Wesleyan/Methodist, Anabaptist and Pietism/Holiness traditions into one tribe. In my mind, these traditions hold some valuable lessons to learn from: an intended social outcome (anabaptism), an holistic lifestyle intended for the individual (pietism/holiness) and a method for making it happen (Methodism/Wesleyan). What does this look in a postmodern, post-Christendom and post-colonial context?

Hopefully we can discuss that a bit tonight.

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