November 17, 2009


We celebrated our last meal as a family of four at one of our favorite spots, Lucha Libre taco shop last night. Crazy. We go from being the fantastic four to the fab' five in a matter of hours... I'm gonna be the father of three! And I can't wait.

It's been a full morning so far. Finishing cleaning up, putting away laundry, etc. My mother-in-law is going to be staying at the HH with the kids. I will see how Brooke and the baby are doing before determining whether or not I'll stay there for a few days. But I will be there at least tonight.

If the excitement of the morning wasn't enough, I got a call for a third round interview on a job downtown today. I thought the last interview went badly so I was really caught off guard by this.

Keep us in your prayers, please.

We head to the hospital in less than an hour.

More soon!

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