November 20, 2009

update on sam pt. 4

Again, thanks for everyone's encouraging notes. Sam had to have a
spinal tap last night, just as a last resort to see what was going on
with the infection. Sad to have that done to the little guy, but the
good news is that results came back clean. His white blood cell count
continues to fall, which is another great sign. All of this means that
he will be released on Monday. And Brooke will come home tomorrow
(Saturday). This is really good news simply because we now we have a
hard date to work with, and???of course???we're just thrilled he'll be
home before Thanksgiving too! What a crazy few days! Emotions have
gone up and down. But it looks like the hardest part is over.

We're very fortunate. There are lots of little ones that are in the
NICU for much longer. We will praying and thinking about all of those
little ones we've met in the last few days. Especially, little
"Ashley." She's been Sam's roomie. She doesn't like it when Sam cries,
so she cries right back when he does just to let him know. She may be
tiny, but Sam knows who's in charge, and usually quiets down right
away. Plus, I think he finds her long legs attractive.

Thanks again for all the notes. May sound cheesy, but we have lots to
be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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