November 7, 2009

welcome to the prison called, mexico


Photo credit: Maria Teresa Fernandez (view more here)

If you have not heard, the redesign of Friendship Park has been completed. It is disappointing. No human contact is allowed to be made through the fences and only 25 people at a time are allowed up to the monument. It looks more like a prison set up, or cattle coral than the beautiful memorial it once was.

My greatest concern continues to be what the continued actions and policies of the Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol do that insinuate an inherent illegal nature of people of Latin American descent. Some have said, that this an exaggeration. To those, I say, you are blind, naive or ignorant. This is what has happened and continues to. We are held captive by our own mindset. I am primarily concerned with how Christians engage this issue in San Diego.

Visit and consider joining the vigil on Monday (information on the site) and partnering with Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform in changing the tide.

Dr. Soong-Chan Rah explains how this captivity I spoke of above happens very well in the video below (specifically 7:00 and on):

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