November 6, 2009

Why we celebrate Dia De Los Muertos/All Saints Day


Some scribblings of mine, that I shared last Sunday:

It roots us...
In a time when the forms of religion often seem unfitting for a relevant and real faith today, it reminds us that we are not innovators. We do not stand alone, but on the shoulders of those who have come before us.

It humbles us...
Reminding us that while we look ahead, we must hold on to the past, constantly returning to our history, to our Scriptures to remember that this is not about us, but a God who has worked throughout time.

It inspires us...
We look back to those that have come before us, from St. Paul to Martin Luther King Jr., and are reminded that courage and faith and the continual reforming of our faith in each age is noted throughout our collective story and challenges us to do the same in our own generation.

It engages us...
Because we remember not only those icons that all of us know, but to the unsung heroes in our own families that have loved us, nurtured us and for whom we would not be here if not for them.

It reminds us...
That death is not the end of life but the beginning. For in each of us rests a piece of a King who died, yet defeated death, and revealed to us all that is not to be feared. That those that have passed before us rest now, and cry out, 'Grave where is your victory!? Death where is your sting!?' For death is not to be feared but life is meant to be celebrated.

May we do so tonight!

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