December 9, 2009

music: jawbox

Remember how I recently said that I've long been a huge fan D.C.-based bands? Well, Jawbox is one of those bands. It's hard to put my finger on exactly why their music means so much to me... it just moves me the way good music should. The band hasn't played together in over a decade but just re-released their opus, For You Own Special Sweetheart. To celebrate, they reunited to play live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (this guy's got some good taste in music lately). "Savory" is actually one of mine and Brooke's favorite songs. It was often on mix tapes I made her back in the day. So, here is Jawbox, rocking as hard as they did in the 90's and playing music that is still ahead of the curve in my opinion. You can check out Jawbox playing "FF=66" and "68" as well. They absolutely nail it on "FF=66!"

UPDATE: Dan sent this to me. It's the bands, Deftones and Far covering "Savory" ... together! Two drummers. Nice! And they pull of the harmonies live a lot better than Jawbox did on Fallon unfortunately (and both of their guitars were in tune too... eek!). The two bands released the cover, in '97 I believe, on an exlusive EP that Far put out before the release of Water & Solutions. And if I'm not mistaken, that's Sergio from Quicksand playing bass. Not as intense as the writers playing it but in key at least. Sweet!

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