December 2, 2009


If you've been in our home over the last 14 years, you've met Tasha, our wonderful dog. Part ridgeback, part pit bull, she was the sweetest animal I've ever known. Brooke and I adopted her when she was a year old from the humane society. Our kids often called her "nana" after the dog in Peter Pan that looked over the children. They knew Tash' had their back. She even saved me when I was attacked by a pit bull twice her size in our alley several years ago (true story). Last week she died. She had a really bad seizure or stroke while Brooke and Sam were still in the hospital. Within a week, she went from the energetic, muscular ball of energy she was to almost completely debilitated. It was sad. Matty had the roughest time with it. We've been asked if we'll be getting another pet. Which is kinda weird. You can't replace a companion that's been with you that long. We're excited to get Matty a lizard for Christmas, but it's not to replace the dog he's known his whole life. ... It has been a crazy few weeks! But we are surrounded by so many loving people that it&'s really been okay. I think folks have thought we'd be in worse shape. Sure, it's been rough but it does feel like we've been handed an extra dose of grace through the amazing people in our lives.

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