December 15, 2009

too busy to post

Yesterday, was to be my third in a series of Advent reflections this year. You can read the first two here and here. Quite frankly, the day was just too full to sit down and type out anything that would make sense.

On Sunday, the family and I paid our first visit to a service at First Pres together–where I will be taking a new position in January. Everyone was very hospitable. And it was a lovely service. Afterward, I spent some time with the amazing people of Nieu Communities in Golden Hill, talking about following Jesus in San Diego (here's some pics taken by my friend and artist, Jon Hall). And then it was off to La Posada Sin Frontera (here's some pics taken by another friend and artist, Emily Grace Goodrich).

So, I hope your Advent season is formative. Mine certainly has been. I promise to do better next week. G'night.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jason,
Hope you are well. Dropped you an email but I am not sure that the address is still the same (as when we all did Urban Term).
If not let me know.

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