January 3, 2010

christmas highlights

I feel a bit behind on the whole 2009 recap thing that everyone else is doing. Instead of posting, I've been enjoying the week off with my family. Tomorrow's my first day at First Pres. I'm looking forward to getting started after a well-needed vacation. 2009 was a crazy year and I don't know if I'll get around to my own recap of the year. But I will share my Christmas highlights.

1 - Sam smiling and laughing. Christmas Eve marked Sam's first smiles and giggles. A delightful present.

2 - Watching my last living grandparent, Grandma Crouse hold my baby boy. A precious woman with a precious boy.

3 - Matt's longing for another pet was fulfilled in getting his leopard gecko, Padme. Yes, named after the Star Wars character.

4 - Wonderful times with both sides of our family.

5 - A priceless quote from Paige, "This is the best Christmas ever! With Sam here, our family is complete."


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