January 22, 2010

file under: what the?!

Life has certainly been busier.

I saw the family much more when I was working from home. But now, with me working at the office/church, Brooke working a couple days a week and of course the addition of our third child, things have been busier. There are days when I come home, and while physically present my nose is buried in books or my laptop for school. Last night was one of those nights. Besides asking how everyone's day was, some small chat over dinner and kissing everyone good night I was for the most part staring at books and a screen. This morning, I got up, made coffee, took a shower, got dressed, made everyone's breakfast and lunches, got everyone else ready and out the door...

It was at this moment that I looked down on the floor at something that was yanked out of Matty's backpack the night before. I had a double take and a, "What the?!" As you can see, during Matty's kindergarten class's daily reflection time he said, "Today we observed wood." ...

This is what happens when I'm completely oblivious to the world around me at home. My oldest son of 5 years begins using the word "observed" and I have no clue what was going on to understand his reflection of the day... observed wood WHAT?! Did it turn into woodman and walk around the room?! Wood usually doesn't do much.

So, I'm chuckling to myself and eager to ask my boy what I missed out on yesterday.

Notice your kids today. For theirs is the kingdom.

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