January 16, 2010

helping haiti


We've been praying all week for Haiti. We are praying with two of our Hawthornians who are considering going to offer their skills on the ground. One Hawthornian has family in Haiti that we're still hoping are okay. And our friends at Cafe Justo and Plant with Purpose have staff and family on the ground. I would recommend donating to these two organizations. Due to our "anaformed" connections... we've also been made aware of the good work both Mennonite Central Committee and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is doing on the ground. Pray and help how ever you can. Even letters of encouragement to those you know of on the ground or working from afar to coordinate aid makes a difference.

... And all I will say about Pat Robertson is that he does not speak for followers of Jesus. Only himself. And a sad individual he is. It's kinda sad when John Stewart is more "biblical" than you.

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