January 8, 2010

missional spirituality class

As I mentioned recently, I'm starting a class on Sunday mornings here at First Pres' titled, Missional Spirituality. I wanted to mention it here and extend the invitation to anyone that:

a) is interested in seeing where (and with whom) I'm now working
b) is interested in a dialog concerning the crossroads of spiritual formation and missional church
c) is interested in finding others to dialog with on the subject above
d) has nothing to do at 9:30am on Sunday

We will be working through David J. Bosch's book, A Spirituality of the Road. If you are familiar with Bosch, don't worry, this is nothing like his epic, Transforming Mission. The book is only 5 short chapters. I will introduce the book this week and we will spend the 5 weeks following looking at one chapter each week.

I'm looking forward to this for two reasons.

First, I see too many Christian leaders involved in activism and missional/grassroots work that burn out too quickly. I've been one of them. Increasingly, I think burn out can be avoided by having a rugged, realistic spirituality that is rooted in mission. I'd say more but I'd rather wait for the class to discuss. I will say that our efforts are too important to give up too soon. Bosch addresses this topic from experience and with wisdom.

Secondly, this book comes from a series of lectures Bosch offered. He is a Reformed theologian and these lectures were given to an audience of Anabaptist missionaries. So, as a convinced Anabaptist working with a Reformed church, it seems like a great "common ground" book.

The class will start at 9:30 a.m., here at First Pres' in room A311. Please feel free to join us if you're interested.


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