February 27, 2010

family hardcore dancing


My buddy Matt, tweeted the other day that I taught my kids how to hardcore dance. To set the record straight, a) I couldn't dance like that to save my life and b) here's the story:

The kids were holding their own dance party in the family room when Brooke said, "They look like they're hardcore dancing!" To which the kids said, "What's hardcore dancing?" Yes, it's true my beautiful, gentle, handcrafting wife is keen to this underground scene of hardcore punk. Hardcore shows were actually a frequent weak attempt of mine at "dates" before we got engaged. And the pit was often just as interesting as the show, plus you had to be aware of what was going on or you could get a boot to the face. It seems not all was lost though.

If this is all completely foreign to you, this Sick Of It All video explains it all.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fvu951up_0?wmode=transparent]


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