March 12, 2010

reading: The Taqwacores


I've been a bad blogger. I know it. In fact, I haven't even been that good a friend lately (sorry for all the un-returned calls!). Lately, my life has been pretty consumed with my new job, my growing family and my two classes at Fuller. Not that I'm complaining. My job is going great. I enjoy the work. My family is great-you've got a real party going with 5. I love it! Sam, Matty and Paige are just amazing kids that make me love life. Brooke, well, she still takes my breathe away. And I love school. I only wish I could immerse myself even more.

But those two classes are done today. I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks of not having to write and read in all of my spare time. Yet, I think I like the rhythm I've got going with reading. So, I picked up Michael Muhammad Knight's novel The Taqwacores. Today, I will read some over lunch and plan to have it finished before classes start up again. I wrote awhile ago about the Islamic punk group, The Kominas. They piqued my interest and a search that led me to this book. I have a keen interest in the intersection between theology and punk ideology. Both represent a part of me. So, I'm eager to read this. I'll let you know how it goes.

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