March 4, 2010

the cultural jesus


I've been taking a class on the Gospels this semester at Fuller. One of the books we've read deals with the sociology of the era within the which the Gospel writers lived and tell us about. As an exercise to see if we are appreciating Jesus' social context, we were asked to portray a modern day Jesus. If Jesus had been born today, what would his story look like? We had to do this in 200 words or less. Here's mine, maybe you can share with me yours:

Jesus Cristo was born thirty years ago in a colonia outside Tijuana. Recently, he was spotted in both the city and colonias. In the shadow of night, police officials asked to meet with him. Yet, he has been seen at the discos with people affiliated with drug cartels. There are rumors that he healed gay prostitutes dying of AIDS. He told stories that confused most. Yet, these stories piqued the interest of the rural poor. He used Mixtecan terms. His family history predates the proliferation of Spanish in the region. Unfortunately, his equal treatment of all upset things. The cartels and police wanted to get rid of him. Yet, they had no reason to gun him down. Forcing him across the border was best???let la migra deal with him. An armored jeep blew a tire while chasing him in the dessert. Cristo helped the border patrol agents put on a spare. When he questioned about citizenship, he offers his family history in the region???which dates longer than the existence of the border. Supposedly, he was detained but was not seen for months. But there are rumors he has been seen in TJ and San Diego recently.

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