April 25, 2010

c.t. studd: jesus radical


One of my fellow seminarians, Carlos, has been educating me about the Jesus radical, C.T. Studd (1860-1931)???Thanks, C-los. While I haven't read up much on this guy yet, it seems he was from a wealthy English family, became a Jesus follower and eventually was compelled to lead a ministry to Africa. I'm always wary of the colonizing mishaps from this era of Christian missionary work. Still, I am digging this guy's attitude. He started a missionary order referred to D.C.D., which stands for, "Don't Care a Damn." Sorry if that language offended you. Language aside, I love discovering Christians who go "against the grain" and follow what God has called them to do no matter what fools they appear to be before others. You can find some material on/by Studd here. Currently, he joins Willems, Bonhoeffer, Allen, Romero and King as one of the historical Christians who make me say, "Now that is punk rock!"

What do you know about Studd that I should know?

What Christians throughout Church history do you look up to?

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