June 12, 2010

books: summer reading (kind of)


In the words of the infamous Alice Cooper, "School's out for summer!"

Well, kind of.

Two weeks until the summer quarter at Fuller starts.

I've developed a good reading routine since back in school and I'd like to keep it up between quarters. After reading this, I'm still trying to read about book a week. As I mentioned earlier, I received a copy of Jesus Manifesto last week, which I've finished reading. Now that school is out, I'll be writing a review of that shortly. But what to read these next two weeks!?

I'm intrigued by vampires. After hearing this story on NPR, I'm interested in two new vampire novels coming out, The Passage by Justin Cronin and Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth. But I don't think I feel like buying those... yet. Allen???who runs Ladle at First Pres'???just gave me a copy of Switch by Chip and Dan Heath. So, I think I'll be reading that next week instead. Not sure what I'll read in week two of my mini summer break. Any recommendations?

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