June 8, 2010

thoughts on news this week...


I thought about framing this as "prayers" but then I thought that this might somehow portray that I think God agrees with my opinions on political and global concerns. I don't kid myself that I know what God thinks about all of this exactly. It's certain he would not take sides the way we do. This is not to say that I don't think God is concerned. But what seems obvious through Jesus' life and words is that God's option is usually something altogether different than ours.

BP & the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico: This thing is like watching a car crash in slow motion. It is saddening to me, to see God's creation wrecked like this. Still even if the oil had made it to the refinery, we would still be using it in ways that impact our environment. Should this not be a wake up call? And maybe not just a wake up call to how our fuel consumption impacts the world. It is frightening that there is perceivably little we can do but watch in horror as BP seems to be not only the perpetrator but the only one able to find a solution. Should a corporation have so much control? Even President Obama has alluded there is little that anyone but BP can do. What do you think?

Corporate leaders in politics: Speaking about the crossroads of corporations and political power, today Californians will determine whether or not former eBay CEO, Meg Whitman has a shot at becomming our governor. It's curious to see more and more corporate and Hollywood figures running for office. What does this say about our trust in political insiders? The answer seems obvious. But what does it say about our trust in corporations? I was discussing relevant metaphors concerning the Kingdom of God with some fellow students at Fuller recently. While Shaine Claiborne's use of the term "Jesus for President" is compelling, I wonder if its too late. Governments don't rule the world like they used to. More and more it's corporations who influence the nations. What do you think?

The Flotilla attack: Gaza. What a mess?! I know that there are many U.S. Christians who universally side with Israel no matter what happens between her and Palestine. But it seems to me that the politics on either side has forgotten the people impacted by the violence and boycotts. As I've said before, "... it's easy to sit at my desk in California and criticize this tit-for-tat behavior. I know I can't completely appreciate the situation from here. What does seem clear though is that violence continues to fail to bring resolution." What do you think?

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