July 13, 2010

books: tending to eden


Today marks the 6-month anniversary of earthquake that shattered the heart of Haiti. News reports throughout the day have not been promising. But one organization has continued to make small, smart steps towards dealing with root issues that are certain to help the recovery of Port au Prince and the overwhelming poverty that has long been faced Haiti. That organization is Plant with Purpose. For years, they were known as Floresta and have recently changed their name. But their amazing, holistic work around the globe hasn???t changed.

Plant with Purpose???s Executive Director, Scott C. Sabin recently penned the book, Tending to Eden. Sabin has proven he can write. And about a passion of his, yet from various angles. I hope we see more in the future. Tending to Eden is part an autobiographical sketch of Sabin???s development from a Christian burdened by global poverty to a leader in advocating for creation care around the world. But more than this-peppered with insightful, brief essays by Christian leaders such as Tony Campolo, Robert Linthicum, Matthew Sleeth and Mark Labberton-Tending to Eden is a primer to understanding global poverty, environmental degradation and a Biblical perspective on these issues. I especially enjoyed chapter eight, where Sabin unpacks the connection between immigration and creation care, an issue close to my heart living in San Diego.

But potentially one of the best aspects of Tending to Eden is the overview of Plant with Purpose???s approach and work. I have read many books where the whole thing seems like a sales pitch for the organization the author represents. But Sabin???s approach feels different. It is the fine representation of the organization that makes this book worthwhile. Plant with Purpose does incredible work, dealing smartly with root causes of poverty. Yet, they also view their work as Kingdom work and therefore weave discipleship closely into what they do. It is for this reason, specifically, that I encourage you to read this book. You need to know about this organization. When we look at tragedy such as that still unfolding in Haiti, it is organizations such as Plant with Purpose that give me hope that things can change.

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