July 16, 2010

happy birthday, san diego


I assume a break from all the street art posts is necessary, isn't it?

Today marks the 241st birthday of the city of San Diego. Named after St. Didacus of Alcal??, the city was founded in 1769. Since then, San Diego has???often reluctantly???grown from a sleepy coastal village to a major, multicultural, metropolitan city.

I love this city. As my family and I took a walk through the neighborhood last night, I was pondering how much I love this place. We are truly a city than has stuff going on year-round. But there is something electric in air when Summer hits. Summer time is the sweet spot for San Diegans.

Have you ever heard stories of couples that when they first met, they couldn't see themselves together? In fact, maybe they dated but broke it off a few times. But it was inevitable that, eventually, they saw they were to spend their lives together.

I kind of feel like that's been my relationship with San Diego. For over a decade, I was looking for my exit strategy. I just didn't see how I could live my life in my hometown. Yet, each time I've tried to explore moving further away, I have been drawn closer and closer to the heart of this city. And in the process I have found myself loving this city more and more while realizing this is exactly where God wants me.

We're a unique city. We are connected to another major city like no other as well, Tijuana. Together, we're an uncommon mega-city. San Diego is the landing place of peoples from all around the world. A border town. A military town. A tourist attraction. And, of course, we've got amazing weather.

If you're interested in learning more about this city, I'd encourage you to check out a few resources. First, The Journal of San Diego History has a lot of great information on the city's history. And Under a Perfect Sun is an incredible book detailing the "other side" of San Diego's history. Lastly, The Reluctant Metropolis is about the political history of Los Angeles urban development but San Diego's urban development is not much different than LA's. Along with the other recommendations, Fulton's book is helpful in understanding why this city developed as it did.

So, happy birthday, San Diego. Here's to another year with you.

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