July 21, 2010

i know what i want for christmas...


My buddy, and former neighbor, Ted is an amazing artist. I've seen his creativity take shape in wood sculpture, pen and ink, paint and even on bikes. But he's outdone himself this time. Ted is now running a new company called, Jyumoku. And he is making these amazing messenger bags-all out of recycled materials. We got a chance to look at them when Ted was down for the crazy packed event at Station Tavern with Sezio, Threadless, Holiday Matinee among others. And let me tell you, these are some durable, unique bags! I'm starting to see wear-and-tear on my second messenger bag, which I take with me almost everywhere (packed w/ laptop, journal, pad of paper, earbuds, Bible, a couple books and various pens and pencils). So, if you have started looking early for what you are going to get me for Christmas or my birthday, you can start here. :)

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