July 20, 2010

Lord Save Us From Your Followers


Tomorrow night, I'll be hanging out with my friends from CityWalk Church. They are screening the documentary, Lord, Save Us From Your Followers. Afterward, I will be a part of dialog with some others about the movie.

Those of you that have been coming to my class on Sundays know that this last week we discussed reasons why we don't talk about faith with others. I confessed that my greatest reason is Christians. They often embarrass me. And I feel an inner reluctance to be associated with my brothers and sisters some times. Now, before you get all hot under the collar about that, remember, I said it was a confession. I realize that this has just as much to do with my own ego as it does with others acting foolishly. But it seems appropriate that, following that class, I'll be a part of a conversation about a movie called, Lord, Save Us From Your Followers.

Come hang out with us! More details can be found here.

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