July 28, 2010

thanks to my readers!


I want to thank everyone that stops by and reads my posts whether here at digitaljasonevans.com or on facebook. Some of you, at least, appreciate my music and book reviews enough to purchase some things through Amazon.com. Every time you purchase something at Amazon after following a link from here, I get a "referral fee" from them. It isn't much, but it adds up. Last night, I was able to purchase a couple books I've been wanting to read for some time because of it.

So, thanks! It encourages me to keep sharing with you what I'm reading. Feel free to leave a comment about what you thought of the books after reading them or listening to the tunes I recommended.

While all of my music reviews come from my personal interest, I've reviewed several books that I've been reading for my program at Fuller or books sent to me by publishers. But in the near future here are some book categories I hope to touch on in my reviews...

I've picked up a few books that look at one of my favorite music genres from secular, Christian and other religious perspectives. Between school quarters, I hope to make it through one or two and share my thoughts with you. One of the books I was able to pick up due to your support was Mark Solomon's Simplicity. Solomon was the vocalist of one of the most influential Christian punk/hardcore bands back in the 80's and 90's, the Crucified. I think it's safe to say that the Crucified changed my life. I'm eager to read Solomon's memoir.

Mostly of the sci-fi, dystopian, geeky dad type. I haven't typically explored much fiction but that's been changing lately. Right now I'm reading The Boneshaker by Cherie Priest and am loving it! Zombies, steampunk, alternate civil war history, sky pirates... what's not to love!?

I love reading to my kids. I do so almost every night. There's a lot of junk out there in children's literature. But we've found some great reads. I'll try to share some of those with you more often. In this genre, you'll get not only my opinion but my kids' opinions as well. In fact, my next review will be on Jill Briscoe's Jonah and the Worm... you read that right, worm not whale.

Just to make sure you heard it from me: Thanks, again. I appreciate you reading my blog, reading good books and listening to good music.

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