August 14, 2010

music: sleigh bells


I've been listening to a lot of new music lately and wanted to do a music post. It wasn't difficult to know which to start with. Sleigh Bells new album "Treats" is something I just can't stop listening to. It's pop and noise all at the same time. Chaos and beauty simultaneously. I love it. The demos of this album were leaked earlier this year and my interest was piqued already. Not much is different here, except they are all available in one package on "Treats." Critics have been a buzz about M.I.A.'s latest album "Maya." I will be bold enough to say that–while I love her latest–you wouldn't have "Maya" without "Treats." In fact, Derek Miller from Sleigh Bells produced a track on "Maya." All this to say that Sleigh Bells are a leader in something new in indie music.

Many critics have also said that they are uncertain whether or not Sleigh Bells can pull of another album as epic as their first. I'm not so certain, or at least, I hope they're wrong. This is a strong first start. Many bands with great creative careers don't start the same way (think Radiohead). Rather than start with strong innovation, it comes as they master the craft. Sleigh Bells has started with a genre-shattering innovative release, I hope they continue to offer more.

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