September 15, 2010

music: september guest mixtape - Luke Perkins


On the first of this month I offered my first monthly mixtape. I've decided to start inviting some of my friends to be guests on my blog in order to offer their own "mixtapes" each month. I've started with a few of the "Hawthornistas," which is how we refer to those that have been/are a part of the little community that has met in our home on Hawthorn Street over the last seven years. We frequently talk music when together as many of us are avid music lovers. While there are many similarities in taste, we don't all have the same musical opinions and this is what always keeps it interesting.

I've decided to start with my friend Luke Perkins. We like to give Luke a hard time for being from the south (sorry, it's a snobby So. Cal. thing). But, truth be told, he's probably the most cultured of all of us at the H. House. Having traveled-and lived-around the globe, Luke's a well-rounded guy with good taste in music. He often turns all of us toward new and fantastic stuff. Here's Luke's guest mixtape for September:

Guest mixtape September '10: soundtrack to a season of distance, investment and engagement

Luke writes: Music remind me of a time, an experience, a season. And so this playlist has been the soundtrack to this season--one of Distance, Investment, and Engagement. I selected tracks only from vinyl records that I've purchased during my conversion away from digital media. I've gotten to know the music so much more by spinning it in an intentional manner. While the songs may not all be thematically linked to the season, they are the ones that spent time with me. These are my friends, and I hope you enjoy.??
  1. All You Need Is A Wall -??The Books -??The Way Out
  2. Dance Yrself Clean -??LCD Soundsystem -??This Is Happening
  3. Deep Blue -??Arcade Fire -??The Suburbs
  4. In the Direction of the Moon - Wolf Parade -??EXPO 86
  5. After the Storm - Mumford & Sons -??Sigh No More
  6. No Dreams Last Night - The Clientele -??God Save The Clientele
  7. Dote - Volcano Choir -??Unmap
  8. Lay Low - My Morning Jacket -??Z
  9. Up On A Mountain - The Welcome Wagon -??Welcome To The Welcome Wagon
  10. Killemall -??Menomena -??Mines
  11. England -The National -??High Violet

PS: the track order is relevant and fun, but maybe not in the way you might think. It's a surprise, so if someone figures it out, drinks on me.??

Great list! Thanks, Luke.

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