October 22, 2010

music: october guest mixtape - Be Rad

Earlier this year, I was in Colorado Springs with my cohort from Fuller. I shared with the group how punk rock has a huge impact on my faith. I have always seen parallels between punk rock ideology and Christianity. And it has always provided significant challenges as well. I shared in the Springs that a tenant of punk rock is, question everything. Now, that can sound like doubt, or lack of faith, but for me it meant, be inquisitive, go deeper. When I did this in regards to my faith, I became a more convinced Christian not less.

Over the years, I've made many friends that share similar faith convictions and interest in punk/hardcore music. Be Rad is one of them. I asked him to contribute this month's guest mixtape. Here, he digs into the vault for some hard to find, yet fantastic punk and hardcore tracks.

Guest mixtape October '10: Punk's Not Dead, It's Just in the Basement Bashing its Face into the Wall

Be Rad writes:The underground of punk and hardcore continues to go as against the grain as possible, churning up and spitting out noise that will blow out your ears and your speakers. By its very nature, this isn't for everybody. But throw this mixtape on, and you'll see that things didn't die after Minor Threat and Black Flag, and that the rebel youth spirit in music still rages on. Enjoy!

  1. The Men - Lazarus  (from "Immaculada")
  2. Cult Ritual - Failed  (from self-titled LP)
  3. Drunkdriver - Choking Hazard  (from self-titled LP)
  4. Walls - Stare At The Walls  (from 2010 tour EP)
  5. White Guilt - Race And Nation  (from "Demo ll" cassette)
  6. Confines - The Impossible Standard  (from self-titled demo cassette)
  7. Punch - Get Back  (from self-titled LP)
  8. The Holy Mountain - The Lines Are Drawn  (from "Entrails")
  9. Iron Lung - Exposed  (from Exposed 7")
  10. Pollution - Black Commune  (from "n.s.DRUGS")
  11. Nomos - Pax  (from self-titled demo cassette)
  12. Slices - Nub City  (from self-titled 7")
  13. Ceremony - Back in '84  (from "Rohnert Park" LP)
  14. Veins - 04/16/2007  (from self-titled cassette)
  15. Neon Blud - Neon Agenda  (from "Whipps" cassette)
  16. Natural Law - Cold Comfort  (from "Spring Trash")
  17. Grids - Home By Ten  (from "White Walls")
Thanks, Be Rad!

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