November 28, 2010

Anticipating the Arrival of the (un)King: Advent Reflections wk. 1

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. I love this season. Last, year I wrote a series of reflections each Sunday during Advent. My theme was Anticipating the arrival of the (un)King. About this I said:

For Christians, the Christmas season is meant to be more than the consumer frenzy it is for most in Western culture. In fact, traditionally the season leading up to Christmas is called ???Advent??? which means to wait or anticipate. And what do Christians wait for? The arrival of our (un)King, Jesus Christ. The four weeks of Advent are about preparation. While waiting for our (un)King, we consider what it means to follow such a leader, to allow our lives to be directed by such a God.

Why do I call Jesus the (un)King? Because in all but title, he is unlike any human king. As you read the story of his arrival in the Gospels, you will find a very unkingly story; his first cradle a feeding trough, poor farm hands to announce his arrival and so on. As you read the Scripture passages over the next few weeks, I challenge you to reflect on what it means to follow this (un)King and in what ways that might transform you life during Advent in preparation for the coming year.

Read this rest of week one's reflection here.

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