November 14, 2010

is that a hickey on your neck?!


No, that would be me getting hit in the neck twice by a paintball gun. This weekend, I took Matt camping with a bunch of other dads and sons. Someone had the great idea to get dads to run across the target range while the boys were trying their hand at paintball guns. Some for the first time. My buddy-one of the dads-was getting destroyed. And he's a big, tough guy! So, after much bellyaching, I decided to lower my intelligence, take his place, act as a reject from the show Jackass and run in front 30 boys shooting paintballs at me. I counted 50 hits. Could be more. I hurt. But it was worth it! My son has a new found respect for his father. Or maybe he just stoked to discover, "There's no way I could ever be as stupid as this guy!"

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