November 15, 2010

music: november guest mixtape - Dan So


This month's guest mixtape is offered by Dan So. Not only is Dan is a fantastic friend but he has impeccable music taste as well! Really. He does. He and I frequently geek out over music. We grew up cutting our teeth on similar bands but on opposites sides of the country. (Thank God he ended up in San Diego!) A couple of years ago, we wrote an article?? together about the crossroads of our faith and musical interests. One of the most enjoyable writing experiences I've yet had. If you don't follow his blog you should.

Guest mixtape November '10: Surefire Dance Party-Starters

Dan writes: Most of the time, when making a mixtape, I like to have a theme. Is it too general to say that this mixtape's theme is "Stuff I Like"? Mixtapes have a certain ebb & flow, and this one wanders through bands and songs that have influenced me, changed the way I thought about music, and caused plenty of people to stare at me as I sing along at top volume while driving down the road. Many of these songs are surefire dance party-starters in our house when we're doing the dishes.

  1. Fugazi ??? ???Merchandise???
  2. Quicksand ??? ???How soon is now????
  3. New Order ??? ???Your Silent Face???
  4. Crystal Castles & Robert Smith ??? ???Not in Love???
  5. Seam ??? ???Rafael???
  6. My Bloody Valentine ??? ???Only Shallow???
  7. Slint ??? ???Good Morning, Captain???
  8. Battles ??? ???Leyendecker???
  9. Drive Like Jehu ??? ???Atom Jack???
  10. Les Savy Fav ??? ???The Sweat Descends???
  11. Superchunk ??? ???Driveway to Driveway???
  12. Dirty Projectors & David Byrne ??? ???Knotty Pine???
  13. Animal Collective ??? ???My Girls???
  14. Sigur Ros ??? ???Hoppipolla???
  15. Sufjan Stevens ??? ???Holy, Holy, Holy???
See what I mean about impeccable music taste?!?!

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