December 31, 2010

2010 ends


Wow. Today’s the last day of the year?! That went by fast. Here’s a brief reflection on my year...

In January, I started back up at Fuller. I have met some amazing people in my cohort. Early in the year, we all worked on drafting commitments we would keep throughout the program. Someone offered that we stay in touch long after the degree was completed. The cynic in me scoffed at this. But the truth is, I sure hope to stay in touch with some of these folks who have become great friends in short time. At this point, I can’t imagine stopping when this degree is completed. I don’t yet know exactly what that means but I hope that I can pursue further education following this.

Our youngest child is now a highly mobile one-year old. Our oldest child started taking violin lessons and is teaching herself how to play the ukulele. And our middle child, is well, anything but the invisible middle child. This year, he has proven to be a stellar student with exceptional math skills. He probably will become a mad scientist. Brooke started working from home, with a schedule that has worked out well for our family while balancing out our income. Which leads me to...

My work! In January, I started a new job a First Presbyterian Church in San Diego as the Director of Outreach. I still am amazed that I am at this job; even more amazed that it’s been a whole year! I remember sounding like a broken record my first couple of months, “This is going to take time.” We had a lot of groundwork to cover, research to be done and relationships to build before knowing a way forward for my task(s). I remember thinking, “Gimme a year and I think we’ll be off and running.” And it’s now quite true. We’ve got a lot in place to do some good work this coming year. Sorry for the ambiguity, but it is for FPC, not the web that I work.

Hawthorn House
It’s been a sleepy but good year around the house. With three of us in grad’ school, idealism has been set aside for practicality. Yet, despite our “distraction” from community formation, a lot of good things have happened. We’ve walked through a lot of lament and celebration together that has cemented sober, loving relationships. We have seen new relationships begin as people marry and start families. We’ve watched people move from homelessness to housing. It’s been a good year.

I've enjoyed some good books and music too!

All of this leads me to think about this coming year. There are habits I’d like to break and habits I’d like to adopt. I have goals that I would like to reach. There are some new dreams I want to explore and hopes to resurrect some old ones. But that’s another post. Maybe tomorrow.

For now, I need to finish my year end music list.


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