December 30, 2010

books: Englewood Review of Books (print edition)


The Internet has changed me in more ways than I would like to admit most days. For example, I used to thoroughly enjoy flipping through newspapers, journals and ???zines. I don???t do that anymore. I get that kind of information off my phone these days. But this change is subtle. It kind of sneaks up on you. To be honest, I had not even thought much about it until I received my copy of the first print issue of Englewood Review of Books. I had finished the quarter at school, the Christmas tree was decorated and so I sat down to take a leisurely look at the Review. And I was again thankful for print as I read the entire issue in one sitting!

I don???t read publications such as the Englewood Review of Books from cover to cover. Instead, I bounce around reading what most interests me first. I can still remember when this was a more regular practice of mine that there was always something left unread. But not so with the Review. I enjoyed each piece! Leave it to editor, Chris Smith to compile thought provoking interviews, book reviews and poetry from an assortment of writers. The print version of the Review is not his first time out the gate. The online version has been a treasure trove of thoughtful, Christian literature and more for quite some time. He???s penned a few good reads himself as well.

The first issue of the Review features up and coming Christian writers such as Ragan Sutterfield and looks at authors such as William Stringfellow, Slavoj ??i??ek, Christopher J. H. Wright, and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove among others. This is a worthwhile print subscription. And it???s affordable at $19.95 for a one year and $36.95 for two years. I hope you???ll check it out.

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