December 5, 2010

Paving the Way for the (un)King: Advent Reflections wk. 2


Today is the second Sunday of Advent. Last, year I wrote a series of reflections each Sunday during Advent. My theme was Anticipating the arrival of the (un)King. Here's part of what I wrote on week two last year:

The passage makes clear that liberation is coming. But do we know how to look for it? Am I the type of person that is so concerned with myself that I miss the kind of crowd Jesus??? is inviting into this liberation? Or am I the type of person that gets so swept up in the agenda of 'my people' that I miss the bigger picture? Or can I be so enamored with the advances of empires (whether commercial, political or digital) that I just don???t notice that something grander might be happening?

Read this rest of week two's reflection here.

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