December 6, 2010

Weekly Roundup


Here's the start of a weekly roundup of notable tweets (in my opinion). You can follow me on Twitter (@jasonevans) to catch, in real time, my random links and whatever else I can cram into 140 characters or less in real time:
  • Link: Outsourcing Parenting? #
  • "One of the Best Things Our Sunday Morning Gathering Can Do Is Bore 'The Hell' Out of You" #
  • three events you should know about this weekend... #
  • I wish more reformed folks talked/wrote like J.K.A. Smith #
  • Started reading Institutes of the Christian Religion Vol. I #books #
  • check out Dr. Danny Carroll R. on immigration on @willowcreekcc site: (I dig this guy) #
  • La Posada (poster) #
  • La Posada sin Frontera - Dec 11th #

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