December 8, 2010

what's wrong with this ad?

I know this is the wrong time of year for an Easter bit, but...

I was looking through a file of old newspapers in my office today and saw this ad. This is from an area church about a decade ago but not First Pres'. The simplicity of the advertisement was striking to me.

But I was also bothered by it. I'm wondering, what do you think?

Do you think there's anything wrong with this church advertisement?

My thoughts, you ask? Thanks for asking.

What troubles me are a couple things off the top of my head:
  • It plays on one of the most unmarketable aspects of Christianity: we (metaphorically) eat our King. Does marketing take this complicated yet central practice too lightly?
  • Only people of faith would get the pun. Is promoting your ministry to people already convinced a good idea?
Your thoughts?

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