January 3, 2011

Blogging Resolutions


Yesterday, I posted some thoughts on my personal resolutions for 2011. I mentioned that I want to write more. And this blog is one of those forms I use for writing. But what to blog about? I???ve had seasons of total random blogging. This year I am resolving to be more focused than I have in the past. So, I???ve been thinking about blogging subjects and themes for this new year.

The first is books. I???ll continue to review what I am reading as often as I have time to. Most of it will be reading concerning my school work. But I???ll squeeze in other material as often as I can. Specifically, I want to share some of the books I???ve read with my kids. We read together almost every night. And we have discovered some great books. So, I hope to share some of those.

Secondly, music. I plan to continue the monthly mixtape series and guest mixtape series. Although, I skipped December (sorry). And I am happy to announce that my six year old will be offering the first guest mixtape of the year. Kids got some great taste in music, I must admit.

But I also want to explore the theology and practice of mission a bit more here. This subject is where my studies, vocation and occupation connect. There has been so much wonderful development in this subject in the last few decades. But as someone who has cared about mission in traditional and non-traditional contexts, I find much of it still out of touch with the lives and contexts of ordinary people. So, I???d like to explore subject here as well.

While I am presuming that these will be themes throughout the year, there are few other subjects I hope to approach in shorter themes. For example, I hope to blog a little more about what I???ve learned about being a convinced Anabaptist working in the Reformed tradition. Related, somewhat, I???d like to talk about my evolving thoughts on Christian leadership.

And we???ll see what else comes up over the course of the year! I???m certain there will be other subjects that will come up concerning art, culture, current events, family, etc. But these are the subjects I presume to be the focus this year. I hope you???ll be along for the ride and join in on the conversation!

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